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Every second month, London-based Konstantin Semionov (KGBK) presents Parabox and introduces new and forgotten music as well as explores musical influences of well known artists and DJ's.

These are truly uneasy times, and I really hope that this episode finds you healthy. I picked up a few tracks, that I resonate with a lot lately. We did not skip on the influence selection for the second hour, and joining us for it is Hadi Zeidan. Hadi is an amazing musician, curator, who has managed to take us on a trip to a country, which you might not have visited previously. It is a valuable experience for us all, during the days, when we have to stay inside.

If you live in or have visited London in the past, you are probably familiar with Snap Crackle & Pop evenings. Gathering crowds for intimate DJ and live electronic performances at the infamous Waiting Room and bringing you the most underrated and fresh bands at Moth club as well as taking over other venues for their nights. Marcus Harris is the resident DJ and promoter for SC&P, and he is going to tell us what has inspired him to explore the sounds he brings to all of us. His selection in the second hour follows a few tracks that have been very important to me.

The first show of the decade is also the 4th birthday of the project, and to celebrate, Flora Pitrolo, also known as A Colder Consciousness is visiting. Flora hosts her radio show on Resonance FM and Kanal 103, having previously interviewed people like Daniel Miller and runs ACC records, a label which you should absolutely check out. She, as always, will take over the second hour of the show to give us a list of her own special and influential records, while in the first I dig into my personal collection for tracks that I have recently discovered or rediscovered.

Flying solo for the last show of 2019, expect mechanical, dark and rhythmic tracks, some punk vocals as well as early and late experiments in music.

With rainclouds now occupying more of our sky, days shortening and temperatures going down, there is no better way to “medicate” than through music. In the second hour we are joined by Scanner, an alias of Robin Rimbaud, to go an a journey of the music that left the biggest impact on him. Robins output is unique and his concerts are usually a one time experience, due to non linearity of his performances. He has a massive discography, that will keep you entertained long after you finish this episode, and we highly recommend you check it all out. As for the first hour, I have decided to try something else. This will be an hour of soundtracks made for computer games. Recognisable titles and weird indies, ambient, industrial, EBM, all of this and more in todays episode. Make yourself a large cup of tea, get that blanket out and enjoy!

One more show before our summer holidays. This one will make sure we go with a bang. Thomas van Linge, also known as Randstad, joins us with his special influence selection from the Hague artists. Reminiscing about the good times and setting up for some great ones to come. I shall throw in some classics, some recently obtained ones, and just music that you would not play to your grandparents. Hope you enjoy!

Konstantin Semionov is back on our airwaves for a new “Parabox” broadcast, bringing the british producer, label and distribution manger Colin Potter in the studio this month. Head of ICR and a prolific producer, whose career started back in 1980 – Colin Potter is joining us for his own selection of tracks that are important. Well known for his production of ambient and experimental electronica, Colin brings a different selection, breaking away from his stereotype in the best traditions of Parabox. His selection follows a few tracks that have been stuck with me for some time now.

Vactrol Park members Kyle Martin and Guido Zen take over Parabox this time to take us through the music that matters most to them. Ambient, slow and big synth tracks along with stories and shared experiences is what waits you in the second hour, following a selection from myself.

Parabox is 3 years old now. This is also our 3rd episode on LYL Radio. We decided to celebrate it by playing 3 minute “radio” length tracks, that could have become pop, but never did, from the 80s. Helping us celebrate is your favourite Emotional label owner – Stuart Leath, joining us for the second hour for an influence selection.

Some old, new, gritty and bold music followed by with Grisha Nelyubin, half of Odopt, joining us in the second hour to run through his life of music for the last episode of the year, recorded in Sameheads Berlin.

Kicking off the first hour with some fresh music that has been on repeat for most of the summer. As for the second hour – Curses is taking over to talk and play his influences, recorded earlier this year out of the studio at Sameheads in Berlin.

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